Valerie Morignat
Dr. Valerie MorignatPh.D. (Arts & Art Sciences, Sorbonne) & MIT Certified in AI and Business Strategy and Machine Learning.


Universities, Superior Schools, Research Institutes
Pr. Valerie Morignat has 20 years of experience in higher education.

She is a Tenured Associate Professor of Cinema and Interactive Arts, in the department of Cinema and Performing Arts of the University of Montpellier III, Paul Valery (France). Since 2011, she benefits from a voluntary academic leave that allows her to pursue a corporate career in the U.S.
Within the University of Montpellier III, she designed and taught programs spearheading the development of post-digital aesthetics studies. The courses she delivered included "Post-Digital Cinema Aesthetics", "Interactive Media Semiotics", "Transmedia Storytelling", "Philosophy of Virtual Worlds", "Sociology of Hypermedia", "Empathy-Building Design", "Archeology of the Future", and "Arts & Cyberculture". She also taught applied courses in video, videogame design, VFX, CGI, photography, and HCI design.

Before that, Pr. Morignat taught theoretical courses in the Fine Arts department and the Communication and Cultural Mediation department of the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne. She delivered technical courses on video storytelling and interactive media arts in the Arts and Technologies of Images (ATI), of the University of Paris 8, Vincennes Saint-Denis. Besides, she taught courses in some of the most prestigious superior schools of arts, design, and business of Paris (France).

With several thousand hours of lectures, workshops and practical courses under her belt, Pr. Morignat is a sought-for educator and cross-functional instructional designer. She has contributed to the creation of Master's degrees with the University of New Caledonia. She has been a Visiting Professor and a Research Evaluator with several universities in the U.S. and Canada and where she regularly serves as Ph.D. Jury Member and expert evaluator for academic research and tenure assessments. She is a curriculum advisor to several higher education boards who seek her expertise in the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and the responsible design of emerging technologies and virtual experiences.

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